The Mayan Mars Revelation
by Richard Gerber

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On Mars it is a tear drop, on earth it is an infinity symbol. What is "it"? -Infinite Play Riddle

In the year 2000 a Mayan Anthropologist I journeyed with in the Yucatan peninsula allowed me to see some sketches of artifacts not yet seen by anyone. There was what appeared to be an infinity symbol and a tear drop made of dots. Not that significant. Until almost a decade later when I saw while in New Mexico an image of the Sun's analemma from earth perspective in the infinite play the lemniscate infinity symbol is a major theme, it caught my attention. Nothing that spectacular though except at the house  I was staying at. The dog was running in the pattern of a figure 8 enough to wear a depression in the sandy soil and there is much more to this story some strange events.  see images below

Then there were the pictures from the rovers on mars "Spirit and Opportunity" and there it was the tear drop Sun analemma from the Mars perspective and then I remembered. That the symbols were engraved together is significant, beyond coincidence I expect. It was also here that I noticed the Mayan Calendar ended in 2012 and it immediately linked in my mind with the fact this was the year of a 11 sunspot cycle and the return to the beginning of the 22 year magnetic cycle. When I returned I created a theme around it online and connected it to science and brought it to the attention of Shirley Maclaine. I later learned about two others who had written books that arrived at the 2012 year using the time wave calculation >Terence McKenna's Time Wave calculator. They did not use the  actual end of the calendar which is what I discerned and the theme I created all backed by science and real time and historical data.  I took it as a divine sign though that they had come up with that year. You can see the 2012 introduced more formally in this 2007 article here which goes out to major media and many of the movers and shakers of the planet as part of the Asymmetric Threat Contingency Alliance (ATCA). Notice on Google Trends this is when the theme really starts to pick up in the global dialog.

So I asked "Why does it end in 2012?" the Mayan Anthropologist  at the time and we both agreed it was just the end of a cycle.  There was no big Mayan prophecy at that time I am sure he would have mentioned it if there was. We wondered though if it might be connected to some cyclic big change event. I also noted that they tracked periods of millions of years so I suggested that perhaps these were not ordinary beings that would track such expanses of time. They must of had the understanding of something greater or were part of something having much longer life spans than us. No ordinary beings would need to track these time spans. We are fairly advanced and yet only have one simple 12 month calendar to track seasons. Which by the way I created the 13 Moon Movement to restore humanity to a natural calendar and order. At the time he said I should visit the Island of Women a hurricane had badly damaged the Island of Women and that there may things to be discovered. I went there four years later (2004)  and did in fact discover something. Also in the year 2000 was the additional that insight that came regarding DNA which I published and promoted in cyber space along with the 2012 theme and the 11:11 theme as part of the infinite play. This resulted in a rewrite of the common understanding of the Apocalypse as a new beginning  

Infinite Play Power Question: How did information that one could only know from being on Mars get to earth before we got to Mars?

What makes it all the more significant is the story told  about The Sun of God above.




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How did information that one could only know from being on Mars get to earth before we got to Mars?

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